Advice – Debonair’s Guide To Formal Dressing


Morning Wear
Morning Wear is usually worn at church weddings, investitures and at other formal events. It is often worn at memorial services and funerals. Tails should be worn with top hats and gloves with a grey waistcoat. However for the more modern look, agen judi slot osg777 tails can be worn with a colourful waistcoat and matching trousers, top hats and gloves optional.

Grooms Wear
Today’s more relaxed attitudes mean the modern groom can make a bold statement with his wedding suits. Velvet, Brocades and coloured silks can all help today’s groom make that individual impression. It is also quite acceptable for the groom to wear a different length of jacket with the rest of the wedding party in shorter jackets or tails.

Evening Wear
Worn at all formal events when the invitation specifies “black tie”. The classic look is a single or double-breasted jacket with satin/silk facing lapels, satin buttons. The trousers should have a satin stripe on the outside legs. Your suit should be worn with a white wing or plain collar shirt in marcella or pleated front with black studs.

With this said some black tie events can be less formal, fancy waistcoat, cummerbunds and colourful bow ties can be worn to dances, evening weddings or formal parties.

Highland Dress
Suitable for any day or evening event, however most Scots would consider highland dress to be quite inappropriate for anyone without Scottish blood and even then rarely to be worn outside of Scotland.


Wedding shirts can be in white or ivory, plain collar, wing collar or the new swept wing collar. They should be double-cuff to be worn with cuff links. Formal shirts should be white with a fly front or studs in plain or wing collar.

For weddings you have a choice of ties, from the traditional cravat to the day tie and the newer madison also the self tie cravat. For formal wear the black silk bow-tie is the favourite but you can also wear patterned or coloured bows.

Cuff links are very important for double cuff shirts and can be bought in a variety of colours and styles. Tie-pins are also popular they can be worn with ties or cravats. Other than these the only other jewellery acceptable would be a watch and signet/wedding ring.

Black, well-polished leather lace-ups are suitable for daytime formal wear. Black patent shoes and pumps are appropriate with black or white tie. Brown shoes, trainers or suede are strictly for casual wear. Black socks should only be worn with formal wear.

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